HORESTCO’s restaurant furnishing projects in Kuala Lumpur include the stunning Buena Brasa Gastro Pub. This establishment has been transformed into a modern and inviting space with our latest and stylish furniture designs. The combination of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality has resulted in a truly remarkable dining experience using our latest modern design, the Mehfil dining chair. These chairs boast a sleek and contemporary appearance, perfectly complementing the pub’s overall theme. With their ergonomic design and premium upholstery.

With the incorporation of the Mehfil booth sofa, which offers cozy seating for small groups. The booth design not only adds privacy but also elegance to the space. Making it an ideal spot for friends and families to gather and savor their dining experience.

We selected Georgian bar stools, which exude timeless charm. In addition to their sturdy construction, these bar stools have a classic design that blends seamlessly into a pub setting. Featuring comfortable seating and footrests.

Mehfil dining table steals the show as the centerpiece of the dining area. Unique and exhibit naturally occurring knots, graining, splitting, and mineral deposits that add character to each piece, t

In addition to these signature pieces, we also customized wood bars and dining tables to suit the pub’s specific requirements. These custom-made tables showcase the versatility and creativity of our design team, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look throughout the space.

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