Vibe Dining Table L180


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Introducing our sturdy and durable VIBE outdoor dining table, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while exuding timeless elegance. The centerpiece of this remarkable table is its top, meticulously crafted from high-quality teak wood. Renowned for its incredible strength, teak wood is a perfect choice for outdoor with exceptional resistance to weather conditions. Moreover, teak wood’s natural grain patterns imbue each table with a unique and captivating visual appeal.

The table’s natural teak wood finish radiates warmth and invites a sense of comfort, effortlessly blending with any outdoor setting. Whether it’s a patio, garden, or by the poolside, teak wood creates a captivating focal point for relaxation.

Using galvanized steel, the frame and legs provide the table with long-term stability and structural integrity. This choice of material provides exceptional corrosion resistance, safeguarding the outdoor dining table against harsh outdoor elements. Its steel frame and legs undergo a meticulous powder-coating process, further enhancing its durability and protecting them from rust formation.

With these features in place, this table is built to endure the test of time, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, Vibe outdoor dining table boasts a sleek and modern design, characterized by clean lines and aesthetic. Its contemporary allure seamlessly integrates with any outdoor space, effortlessly elevating its style quotient. Whether adorning a modern rooftop terrace or complementing a classic garden setting, this table serves as a statement piece that enhances the overall ambiance and charm of the environment.

In summary, our outdoor table combines the best of both worlds: robust construction and sophisticated design. The high-quality teak wood top, celebrated for its strength, resistance, and beautiful natural patterns, harmonizes with the galvanized steel frame and legs, providing stability, longevity.. This fusion of materials culminates in a functional, durable, visually striking, and inviting outdoor dining table. Embrace the outdoors confidently, knowing that this table will grace your outdoor space for years to come, delivering comfort, style, and lasting memories.


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Dimensions 180 × 100 × 78 cm

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Vibe Dining Table L180