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A simple solid wood tray with handles on each for lifting and carrying. Suitable for homes, restaurant, coffee shop and hotels usage.


W 35 x D 25 x T 6 CM

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The Restaurant-Teak-Wood-Tray is a stunning and versatile accessory designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Meticulously crafted, this teak wood tray enhances the dining experience in restaurants with its functionality and natural beauty.

One of the standout features of this tray is its construction from high-quality teak wood. Teak wood’s exceptional durability suits the demanding requirements of a restaurant, ensuring long-lasting performance. With natural strength, the tray withstands daily use, supporting the weight of dishes and other items.

The teak wood used in the Restaurant-Teak-Wood-Tray also boasts remarkable resistance to moisture, decay, and warping. This feature is particularly important in a restaurant setting where spills and moisture are common occurrences. With its moisture-resistant properties, the tray remains in excellent condition, maintaining its integrity and beauty over time.

In addition to its practicality and durability, the Restaurant-Teak-Wood-Tray exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. Teak wood’s warm tones add natural beauty, creating a warm and inviting dining ambiance. The unique grain patterns of the wood create a visually appealing texture that adds visual interest to the tray, making it a striking centerpiece on any tabletop.

The smooth and polished surface of the tray further enhances its aesthetic appeal. This sleek surface not only showcases the natural beauty of the teak wood but also enhances the presentation of dishes and beverages. Whether serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the tray provides a sophisticated platform to showcase culinary creations, enticing guests with its visually pleasing display.

To ensure functionality and practicality, the Restaurant-Teak-Wood-Tray is designed with raised edges. These raised edges serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they help prevent spills, providing a secure boundary that keeps liquids and food items contained. This feature is essential in a bustling restaurant environment where accidents can occur. Secondly, the raised edges also help keep items secure during transportation. Whether it’s delivering meals to a table or carrying dishes back to the kitchen, the tray’s raised edges ensure that items stay in place, minimizing the risk of accidents or breakage.

The versatility of the Restaurant Teak Wood Tray makes it an invaluable asset in any dining establishment. It is not only ideal for serving meals but also for presenting beverages, desserts, and even appetizers. Its ample surface area allows for the arrangement of multiple dishes, enabling efficient service and organization. This versatile tray caters to any restaurant’s needs, from small cafes to high-end dining establishments.

Overall, the Restaurant Teak Wood Tray exemplifies the perfect balance between style and functionality. Its durable construction, resistance to moisture and decay, elegant design, and practical features make it a valuable addition to any restaurant’s dining experience. With this tray, restaurants can elevate their service, enhance the visual appeal of their dishes, and create a memorable dining ambiance for their guests.

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