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Barcelona Side Table is an exquisite piece of furniture designed to enhance the aesthetics of your living space while providing functionality and style. It is constructed with a sturdy frame made of White Matte Aluminum, giving it a modern and clean appearance. The use of aluminum not only adds durability but also a sleek and contemporary touch to the table.

The weaving material used for the tabletop is Seashell FF 30 in White Wash by Rehau, a renowned company known for producing high-quality synthetic weaving materials. This particular weaving material offers a unique blend of elegance and resilience, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


L 53 x D 53 x H 56 CM

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Outdoor-Side-Table: Unveiling Functionality and Charm for Your Alfresco Haven.

Firstly in the outdoor realm, where nature meets home comfort, the Outdoor-Side-Table blends function and elegance harmoniously. Envision tranquil veranda afternoons or starlit garden evenings, the Outdoor-Side-Table brings convenience and elegance to your oasis.

Moreover crafted for elements, lasting beauty, the Outdoor-Side-Table  embodies durability and style in perfect harmony. Crafted from sturdy materials metals, wicker, stone the table withstands sun, rain, time’s trials, retaining its innate beauty.

Furthermore the Outdoor-Side-Table’s versatile design features clean lines, contemporary forms, and colors that blend seamlessly with diverse outdoor themes. From urban balcony to Mediterranean terrace, the table effortlessly enhances your outdoor space, seamlessly fitting into its charm. Functionally, the Outdoor-Side-Table is a hub for leisure and entertainment, naturally encouraging gatherings. Its spacious surface welcomes drinks, snacks, reads, or decor, inviting gatherings and leisurely chats beneath the open sky.

In addition beyond utility, it’s an artistic expression enhancing alfresco aesthetics, embodying captivating charm in outdoor furniture.  Exquisite details, including intricate patterns, textured surfaces, and artisanal finishes, impart an air of sophistication. With chosen seating, cushions, and lighting, the Outdoor-Side-Table becomes a pivotal decor element, anchoring your outdoor composition.

However beyond its functional aspects, the Outdoor Side Table has the power to shape your outdoor ambiance. It calls for indulgence—sipping morning brews, reveling in sunsets, or immersing in moonlit symphonies amid nature’s embrace. It serves as a canvas for weaving cherished memories, a backdrop that heightens life’s simple pleasures when savored amidst the embrace of nature’s beauty.

In summation, the Outdoor Side Table extends an invitation to relish the enchantment of outdoor living, skillfully melding practicality with aesthetics in a single, artful piece. It bridges the gap between indoor comforts and the allure of the great outdoors, enabling you to bask in both realms. With the Outdoor-Side-Table gracing your space, your outdoor domain transforms into a sanctuary of relaxation, camaraderie, and unparalleled charm.

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